Jem (yatenstar) wrote in antidumbcomment,

The First dumb comment - ever- posted

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I agree. . very dumb!

Deleted comment

yea really retarded and fucking mean. like they never say dumb shit? ha riiight

Deleted comment

all you palm-coastians. . are still stuck on me saying that on me saying about 3 or 4 mnths ago when I thought I wanted to get that. .

But that was 3 mnts ago and now I"m not gettin' it. .


p.s. the comments that we made to you were not to post and say that you were dumb. . it was posting and useing yer comments that you had said. . (sense of humor?. . something that you people obviously lack)
so it was dumb how i said "thank you" to someone who complimented me? riiight..i guess i'm just a big dumbass. i think it's funny how you post "dumb" stuff other people write when you guys say shit like "eep! there was major humpness" and "i want to get my clit pierced because i'm so horny and love sex"..
I am going to kill myself and I was wondering how I should do it. Since I can't decide which way I should go out with lets take a vote on it.. A)Biking across an 8 lane highway B) Drowning C) Jumping off a high building D) Driving my car into a brick wall doing 100 mph E) Getting 80 gals of gas into a bin and lighting the match with me in it F)Jump the fence at the white house to get shot by snipers and last but not least G)hanging myself

Im also open to suggestions! Please vote cause im gunna do it anyway- yay, I can't wait!