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I Dont Like You
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This community is for all those dumb fucks out there and for the people that have to put up w/ them. .

Okay lets get specific here, those dumb fucks who post comment after comment of bullshit and stupidity such as "OMG I LOVE YOU. . will you fuck me right now!!!". . or " I <3 you". . "You're soooooo cute". . bla bla bla. .

If you're tired of this bullshit and choose to finnaly try to get rid of this shit on Livejournal for once. . or just to piss someone off and make them feel stupid about their comments. Then you're looking at the right community.

To Operate in this community you firstly find a person who created a comment in any kind of journal/community that aggravated you or pissed you off or you just thought it was plain dumb. . You find the name of the person and post a link to the comment in this community. The moderators then read the comments. . and so do the other members of the community and collectively decide(by commenting to the post) which category to post the users comment in:

Dumb Comment
Dumbest Comment
Most Useless Comment
Most Vague Comment
Just Plain Stupid Comment
Your Stupid For Posting this Comment 'comment'
Kill Yourself for posting this comment 'comment'
<3 Comment
You're a retard Comment
Go Choke on Something Comment
You're a good person, but that comment was retarded 'comment'

Once decided moderators will take the liberty of making the 'post-er of the dumb comment' at home by posting a comment (in the form of an award) informing them of how stupid their comment in fact is.

Moderators: kittiesmonkeys yatenstar